Revolutionary platform for buying and selling tickets to shows and events Ticketbis was officially launched. The site offers an alternative for those who want to exchange this entry is left when we can not go.

What is Ticketbis?
Ticketbis is a platform for buying and selling tickets for all kinds of shows and events. It acts as an intermediary between users who have tickets for an event you can not attend and users interested in purchasing.

It is an innovative concept in Argentina but very seated in countries like USA, England or Germany. Thanks to its presence in almost 40 countries (it is estimated that by June would reach that figure), offers users the possibility to get tickets for all events anywhere in the world.

Ricardo Noryo, Ticketbis Regional Manager, commented: “We offer a unique service inspired by those users who need to exchange those tickets to shows who can not attend. We try to provide security and comfort to only worry about enjoying the shows “.

User safety is prioritized.
Ticketbis care that all transactions are conducted in a safe manner, it is guaranteed that tickets are 100% original.

The seller receives payment after the conclusion of the event, after checking that the tickets were valid discouraging so fraud.

The platform requests all users who post entries, bank details and credit card as a guarantee of compliance.

Equipo ticketbis-WEB
Photo description:
Ricardo Noryo – Regional Manager
Jorge Diaz – Director de Producto
Carmen Navarro y Elizabeth – Equipo Comunicación

Photo credits: Nicolás Kovacs