The Golden Decade is glowing again.

A little more than five decades after, Tango Porteño recreates does golden days – the undisputable tango kingdom and the great passion of the entire Argentine society- amid magic and mystery. Tango Porteño suggests walking through those days of glory in Buenos Aires when the tango was breathed and enjoyed in every corner of the city. Tango Porteño is a wonderful location where all the characters of the Tango Golden Decade live and live together. The great orchestras of Canaro, Fresedo, Piazzolla, De Caro, Gobbi, Biagi, De Angelis, Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Lomuto, D’Agostino and, of course, the unforgettable Troilo and Pugliese, who by then were showcasing their great
potential within a healthy but though competition for the coveted kingdom at the Chanteclair, Armenonville, Marabú, Tabaris, Tibidabo and many others than then vanished with the implacable transformation of the big city.

Tango Porteño
Tango Porteño recovers that spirit crystallized in a unique place. Magically it recreates the best and most transcendental time ever in the history of tango framed within a luxurious building of those days that used to be a movie theater of the Metro Goldwyn Meyer. The old and beloved Metro, just a few steps away from the Obelisk today becomes Tango Porteño, a place blending the most refined environment and pure golden days’ deco with great artists, unbeatable productions, and first class
cuisine paying home to the represented time. It could not be otherwise because Tango Porteño is the image of Buenos Aires, the “City of Tango.”

A traditional dinner show place to visit if you are in Buenos Aires.
* Hours income limit for dinner 21.15hs *

Free Tango lessons, for those who buy any of the dinner & show.
Classes are daily, in platinum living, at 1st floor. It starts at 19.30 hs and it’s 1 hour length.

Bookings and information:
Telephone number: (5411) 4124-9400
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