Today Eco Bazar visit a shop with natural, organic, rich gruten free products and products whose idea is to create a conscious nutrition. The products are distinguished between a range gram of snacks possibilities of fruits and vegetables (dehydrated and baked), nuts, sea water, organic teas, juices, energy drinks and detox, natural sweeteners, organic honey, kefir, milk plants, oils , vinegars and vinegars. Among the things that caught my attention is the variety of wines and organic foaming.

For lovers of seeds and spices, a wide variety. Another highlight is the inclusion of foods gluten free, rich and healthy!

As to be expected in an Eco-shop are the cosmetics and Ecosustentables objects.

Eco Bazaar is a place of trade and diffusion of healthy and ecosustentables products and concepts to make available to the public what already exists and what is being done today in Argentina under these parameters.

The ecological concept applies to all products, services and events that may be offered on site. The bazaar is given by the variety of regional products and the world at our disposal.

A place to visit and schedule if you are in Buenos Aires.